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The Creative Informatics project employs five full-time post-doctoral researchers, based at the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier. From a diverse range of backgrounds, and with a wide scope of skills and interests, our researchers work alongside the delivery team to help those looking for funding to formulate and articulate ideas, and to conduct research on the current and evolving landscapes of the creative sector in and around Edinburgh.

Engaging university research with both the cultural and festival City of Edinburgh and its growing tech industry, means that we can reflect on, critique, and pass on findings from our many and varied Creative Informatics activities.Professor Melissa Terras, CI co-director and head of research

From baseline mapping and surveys of the cultural landscape, to cutting edge work on innovative new economic, pedagogical and artistic practices, CI researchers are actively engaged in leading critical research across academic disciplines as well as industrial sectors.

As the Creative Informatics project progresses, these pages provide a centralised locus to store and share our growing portfolio of research. Our research blog will provide accessible insights into all of our exciting ongoing projects and achievements. Research is at the heart of the CI project, and it is important for us to grow our research community. We therefore actively encourage fellow researchers and creatives to get involved in the discussions raised in our posts, and welcome guest or collaborative contributions. Please do get in touch with us with any comments, pitches or suggestions! Contact details can be found below.


“We hope to provide guidance and results that will have a positive impact on data-driven innovations within the creative industries, both in Edinburgh, the South-East of Scotland, and beyond.”

CI researcher Chris Elsden
CI Researcher Ingi Helgason

Featured Research

Creative Freelancers Sought for Research Interviews

CI small grant holder Holly Patrick needs your help!

An academic research project is looking for creative freelancers to interview. Dr Holly Patrick is investigating the effects of the pandemic on creative freelancers and the role of online groups in providing support. Interviews are being held until the end of this month (September 2020) and will be around 30 minutes each. She is particularly […]


Experiments with Practice Based Digital Research

In this post, Creative Informatics Director of Research Prof. Melissa Terras reflects on her involvement in the development of an artificially intelligent improvised Fringe show generator, which has been getting rave reviews locally and around the world. Research undertaken by Creative Informatics is evolving to take various guises. From quantitively mapping the cultural and creative […]

Creative Informatics Guide for Online Events

At Creative Informatics we run many events, from meetups and networking, to drop-in sessions and workshops to support applications and funding of various programmes. We don’t do any specific teaching, however many of our sessions are intended to be informative and enable peer collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The guide is written in an informal, and practical style and is initially a way for us to share and think through …

Susceptible, Infectious, Recovering:

Tracing responses to the novel coronavirus in the city

Creative Informatics researcher Pip Thornton recently contributed to a Design Informatics seminar led by Chancellor’s Fellow and Director of Data Civics at Edinburgh University Dr. Liz McFall. The seminar, which also featured brand new work from Edinburgh sociology PhD students Kath Bassett, Idil Galip and Addie McGowan was divided into two complimentary sections, each addressing […]

Spaces for skills:

Blending the physical and the virtual

In this blog post, CI researcher Ingi Helgason discusses some of the research and delivery hurdles faced by the CI team in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and how they have been experimenting with innovative ways with which to overcome them. I’m writing this in the summer of 2020 as we are all trying […]

The Trouble with Data

Mapping Freelancers in the Creative Industries

In this blog, Creative Informatics researcher Inge Panneels asks: How do we make sure freelancers aren’t overlooked when we gather data on the cultural sector? A question made all the more pertinent by the economic impact of the  COVID-19 pandemic, Inge suggests that compulsory collection of more granular and carefully coded data through HMRC might […]


Chris Elsden

Research Associate

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CONTACT: celsden@ed.ac.uk

Susan Lechelt

Research Associate

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Ingi Helgason

Senior Research Fellow

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Inge Panneels

Research Fellow

TWITTER: @ingepanneels

Pip Thornton

Research Associate


Chris Speed


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Melissa Terras


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Michael Smyth


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