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A grid of objects commonly found in care home bedrooms, like lamps, plants, tissue boxes, kettles, etc.

Design, identity and the material culture of homes in transition in later life

Emma Gieben-Gamal, Lecturer in Design Cultures at the University of Edinburgh, reflects on her experiences with a Creative Informatics PhD Research Assistant fund grant. The research project, which sets the backdrop to the specific piece of work supported by the data and the Creative Informatics PhD RA fund, investigates the experience of older adults transitioning […]


Freely Available Illustrations of Creative Applications of Data and Technology

Susan Lechelt

This post showcases illustrations that demonstrate creative applications for, and interpretations of, data-driven technologies. A key goal for these illustrations is to subvert common imageries of tech seen in popular media – which often fail to showcase the creative affordances of data and technology. We welcome and encourage anyone to use, distribute and remix these illustrations.

Full crowd at art gallery

‘Pelican Stairs’ on the Road

Creativity and Cognition 2022

Creativity and Cognition is the Association for Computing Machinery’s conference blending art and science. Now in its 14th year, this edition of C&C was held in Venice 20-23 June. Our researcher Caitlin McDonald shared excerpts from her AI-assisted pandemic memoir Pelican Stairs at the Creativity and Cognition art exhibition held alongside the conference 22-25 June. […]

Notebook with a drawing of a data dashboard.

Creative Horizon 5: Data, Data Everywhere

Towards ethical economic analysis frameworks to support creative industries R&D

Introduction Creative Informatics are partnering with CRAIC at Loughborough London and The Data City to explore important questions about economic data collected, stored, processed and analysed on the creative industries. Our core questions are: who does this data belong to? And how can that data be collected, utilised and presented in ways which assist both […]

chart showing diffusion of songs over multiple countries.

Global hit-making on Spotify

a Small Grants project

Small Research Grants recipients Tod Van Gunten and Edward Martin reflect on the progress of their project tracking how quickly songs become hits around the world. A feature of many cultural marketplaces is that success is very unevenly distributed.  The most successful songs, books, films and other cultural products are wildly successful, while the majority […]


Creative Informatics premieres film about creative approaches to sustainability at the New European Bauhaus Festival

Inge Panneels

We were delighted to present a short film at the New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels entitled “Data-driven Innovation for Sustainable Creative Practice”, which highlighted cases studies of data-driven, sustainable creative practice that Creative Informatics has supported. This blogpost details the film’s intent and narrative, as well as our experience at the New European Bauhaus festival.