Evaluating Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Activities within Creative Industries Clusters

A Report from Creative Informatics


Creative Informatics has had a huge impact on the Creative Industries in its region. But has this been done in a way that advances Equality, Diversity & Inclusion?

This report evaluates the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion activities (based on data published up to July 2023) of Creative Informatics in the context of other funding, policy and research organisations also operating in the space of the Creative Industries (Clwstwr, Bristol + Bath Creative Research + Development, XR Stories and the associated Research England-funded project SIGN, the Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre, and Creative Scotland).

In this report we introduce the organisations and their self-stated objectives and targets. We then discuss their data collection activities as part of their monitoring practices as well as their reasons for collecting specific data, their comparisons of these data against benchmarks, and how they incorporate intersectionality. Next we look at the collaborators and beneficiaries of projects funded by these organisations and finally we address three recurring issues raised by many of the organisations: how to achieve continued improvement, change at senior levels, and socio-economic inequalities. Finally, we offer some recommendations to Creative Industries organisations, funders and policymakers on:

  • Intentional Data Collection
  • Benchmarking
  • Intersectionality
  • Continued Improvement
  • Change at Senior Levels
  • Data Standards
  • Efficacy of ED&I activities.

You can read the full paper at this link: Evaluating Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Activities within Creative Industries Clusters.


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