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Creative Informatics Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Published: 20th August 2021
Date of next review: February 2022

Creative Informatics is a welcoming and supportive programme and community for all interested in data-driven innovation in the creative industries in Edinburgh and South East Scotland. We want Creative informatics to be a safe and approachable space for everyone, regardless of background or status.

We believe that more diverse communities and collaborations make for better innovation, more inclusive and more ethical approaches, and more pleasant environments for all to participate.

We welcome you to be part of Creative Informatics regardless of your age, sex, gender identity, ethnicity, socio-economic background, (dis)ability (visible or hidden, physical or mental), sexuality, religion or belief. We will not tolerate discriminatory practices in our own work or in the work of those we support.

We know that people are complex and may face intersectional challenges in their creative careers, particularly in creative fields with long standing inequalities challenges. We particularly welcome applications to our CI programme strands that directly challenge the status quo – we are here to support innovation and (positive) disruption.

We recognise that we may need to provide additional support to help reduce barriers to participating in Creative Informatics events, funding strands, etc. Where we can see opportunities for additional support we will always offer this, and we also ask that you tell us if you see opportunities for us to support you.

We will be accountable for these values and ask you to help us do that. We will always ask for and welcome feedback and ensure this does shape our future actions to make Creative Informatics truly inclusive and open to all.

If you would like to discuss your own needs, or highlight something we could do better to serve the community, we welcome all communication to creativeinformatics@ed.ac.uk or to the responsible person: Nicola Osborne, CI Programme Manager (Nicola.osborne@ed.ac.uk). We will handle all queries in confidence where needed and/or requested.

Responsibility for the Creative Informatics programme’s compliance with legal duties associated with equality, diversity and inclusion, including the Equalities Act 2010, sits with the University of Edinburgh where the Creative Informatics delivery team is based.

This statement forms part of the Creative Informatics Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy & Action Plan 2021-2023 which is available for all to read (and under open license for you to use/remix/adapt) on Zenodo.