Kyoobit - Michael Miller

Kyoobit is a startup that facilitates ‘walk-through’ immersive attractions for creatives, to increase reach and revenue while decreasing risk and material waste. By leveraging the Kyoobit platform, creators can expand their reach, accelerate the process, and boost revenue whilst minimising financial risk, carbon emissions, and material waste

Kyoobit - Michael Miller

Kyoobit’s inspiration stems from recognising the challenges posed by outdated logistics when crafting offline immersive experiences. With a vision to break down barriers and enable more creators to share their content offline, Kyoobit strives to be the ultimate solution for effectively and sustainably engaging international audiences. The company is dedicated to making offline immersive experiences sustainable and carbon neutral, with a strong mission to reduce material waste and carbon, both from the experiences themselves and the carbon footprint of their audiences.  

Kyoobit Founder, Michael Miller, began his CI journey through Cohort 4 of Creative Bridge before successfully applying to Round 6 of the Resident Entrepreneur programme, during which he continued to work on brand and strategic development whilst creating his demo/MVP. 

The focus of the Resident Entrepreneur project was to develop a schematic technical and wire-frame design of his demo, and in addition to the funding offered by the programme, Michael took advantage of mentoring support from Creative Edinburgh to carry out comprehensive market analysis which in turn fed into a detailed business plan and a key partnership with Astrodreamer Studios who worked on the development of the demo. 



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