Konpanion - Alexandre Colle

Integrating elegant design with artificial intelligence, Boroboscot – trading as Konpanion – is pioneering a unique direction for domestic robotics and creating an entirely new species of alternative pets. Maah is the only robot in the market using a cover entirely made of a fabric, bringing smart technology to life in the form of an artificial pet.  

Konpanion’s Resident Entrepreneur project focused on integrating and improving existing, connected ecosystems by providing sensors, mobility and intelligence, through a digital Maah twin. Through the RE project, they were able to enhance the general experience of the Maah and develop the core components to provide meaningful interactions replicating human empathy.  

They also worked with Scottish Care, who represent the largest group of care providers in Scotland, to test the product within care homes. The Resident Entrepreneur project also allowed them to focus on their brand narrative and to upscale their in-house expertise.  

Konpanion was supported by the Edinburgh University Superlab research laboratory and in 2023 won a main Scottish Edge award of £80K. 



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