Datagestive - Petra Matijevic

Founded by data journalist Petra Matijevic, Datagestive is a research and data visualisation consultancy on a mission to inspire and facilitate civic investigations, shifting social narratives toward greater social justice and inclusion. 

Datagestive - Petra Matijevic

Petra Matijevi took part in Creative Bridge (Cohort 7) before being awarded a place on the sixth round of Resident Entrepreneurs. Datagestive’s Resident Entrepreneur project considered how exploratory data analysis (EDA) – the practice of digging in data for insights – can be made accessible to audiences without specialist skills. The project was designed to outline best-practice steps for analysing and developing clearer visual interfaces that allow more intuitive exploration of data sets. Part of the project saw Petra working with investigative journalism cooperative, The Ferret where her research continues. 

Founder Petra Matijevic said: “The wealth of open data too often benefits businesses skilled at extracting its economic value, missing its potential to strengthen democracy. To counter this trend, Datagestive aims to develop a collection of visual methods, tools and registers for helping citizen researchers, journalists and communities make sense of data.” 



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