CINETOPIA - Amanda Rogers

Cinetopia is a hub of activity around filmmaking and filmgoing in Edinburgh and beyond that aims to provide a resource and virtual hub for connecting the emerging film community. Their activities and events primarily cater to film industry professionals with an emphasis on freelancers, emerging professionals, students, and film enthusiasts who are seeking deeper engagement with the sector. 

CINETOPIA - Amanda Rogers

Cinetopia produces events and “spaces” where people can be inspired by film and filmmaking through their various public-facing offerings. Since March 2020, they have offered an informal, informed and engaged space for discussion around film and filmmaking for anyone and everyone who aspires to engage with the sector. 

Cinetopia is building a film industry-specific virtual community hub that focuses on making connections for their film community based on their own particular needs, tastes, and desires through a new platform, Cinetopia Connect. 

Unlike traditional databases and industry specific job boards, Cinetopia Connect will use data from its community to make tailored connections the same way many dating apps do, by asking users about their preferences, ambitions, and aspirations, using this to link each person to the right match, material, and opportunities. Collaboration is primary to almost all film-based activity, professional and amateur, and finding the “right” connections to make creative and professional content is proven to be one of the greatest needs for the film community.

Cinetopia Co-founder and Director Amanda Rogers engaged with Creative Informatics at the outset and was part of the 4th Creative Bridge cohort in 2020 which allowed her to hone her knowledge on market research and business strategy. She continued this work by researching the local film industry, Cinetopia’s core customer base, and working with market research specialists to lay the foundation for a Resident Entrepreneur project. 

Excited to expand upon this research with more research and development, Cinetopia’s RE project enabled them to build a tangible tool to help their film community members connect more effectively with each other with the help of data-driven technology. 



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