Caroline Overy

Caroline Overy is a musician and sustainability professional. She leads community choirs, facilitates community music projects and collaborates with other musicians as a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist. In Caro’s environmental work, she builds on her professional background in Higher Education Sustainability, supporting cultural organisations and artists with practical responses to the climate emergency both in her role with Creative Carbon Scotland and with her development project, Climate Friendly Culture. 

Caroline Overy

Caro used her time with Creative Bridge and the Connected Innovator programme to identify and explore good environmental decision making within the culture sector with her research feeding into a scalable, digital toolkit to support sustainable practice throughout the creative community.

As well as interviews and surveys with artists and key decision makers, Caro’s research included extensive mapping of existing tools supporting good sustainability practice, and a deep dive into 5 years of emissions data from 121 different organisations. The results and analysis then formed the basis for a collaboration with developer InGenerator to create a set of concept sketches for a digital tool supporting artists and cultural organisations in their ambitions to respond positively to the climate emergency.

Caro subsequently joined our Resident Entrepreneur programme where she was able to continue the collaboration with InGenerator towards further development of the digital tool. Caro Said: “This new tool will enable individual artists and a diverse range of cultural organisations to understand their environmental impact and utilise the unique influential capacity that we have in the cultural sector to contribute to the wider change our society needs to address the climate emergency.” 



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