Boom Saloon - Rachel Arthur

Boom Saloon is a print magazine and an online community with a bold mission: to democratise creativity for good. They showcase work from a broad range of environments, providing a platform to champion any work of talent, no matter where it comes from. Rachel participated in Creative Bridge in 2019, before taking Boom Saloon to CI’s Resident Entrepreneur programme.

Boom Saloon - Rachel Arthur

Passionate about championing the arts and creative industries, Rachel Arthur founded boom saloon via Kickstarter in 2016. Having previously studied fashion and design management, she initially embarked upon a stint at Conde Nast before moving to a pivotal role as Head of Content at Scotland’s fastest growing fashion tech company, where she led a small team. Here, the power and importance of data was truly brought to light whilst learnings on management and start-up business were made. 

Three years at Creative Edinburgh further ignited her passion for nurturing creative growth across sectors whilst understanding the importance of a diverse creative ecosystem, and in turn, developed into boom saloon’s mission to democratise creativity for good.

In 2018 Rachel was named an Industry Expert for Create Hub before being highly commended as a Rising Star in Media from FIPP and being included in the Young Women’s Movement’s 30 Under 30 list. In 2019 she was named an overall Rising Star in Media, collecting the award at FIPP’s Global Media Conference in Las Vegas alongside fellow winners from mass global media corporations. 

Rachel used the Resident Entrepreneur project to explore the concept of ‘social distribution’, which would allow Boom Saloon to develop its own direct sales by offering copies of their magazines in bulk, at discount, to their existing readers. This would enable them to create a database of information about their community and obtain real time insight into potential markets, readerships and audiences. Rachel presented some of her findings at the Creative Informatics Innovation Showcase in 2020. 



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