Bespoke Lighting & Video (BLV) - Chris Harrison

BLV specialise in LED technology, bespoke hardware fabrication and the integration of data control systems for lighting and video equipment. They build bespoke installations, interactive lighting displays and providing lighting and video solutions to the live entertainment industry.  

Bespoke Lighting & Video (BLV) - Chris Harrison

Having taken part in the very first iteration of Creative Bridge in 2019, the Connected Innovator programme furnished Chris with the time and resources to focus on crucial R&D for the company. His ambition was to identify and source a data-driven solution to finessing BLV’s existing workflows – to minimise overheads and equipment footprint whilst providing additional flexibility at the project planning and installation stages.  

Through the programme, Chris was able to test new hardware and software platforms to explore how they might support the bespoke design of his projects. He also made time for detailed market research into the technology available within the events industry ensuring that BLV retains an up-to-date understanding of how technology might support its work. Finally, by liaising directly with the artistic community, Chris gained a deeper understanding into how BLV might support artists’ installations and also investigated the potential for some of the company’s bespoke installations to be adapted for a wider market.



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