Auxa - Marios Michalakos

AUXA is a browser-based platform aiming to build a large and scalable audio samples repository, where sound and music creatives are able to collaborate, monetise and distribute their work. By leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology, the platform will allow artists to create diverse business models and provide transparency over ownership tracking. Auxa took part in Resident Entrepreneur programme as part of round 6. 

Auxa - Marios Michalakos

During their Resident Entrepreneur project, they completed further foundational research and developed a suite of audio data visualisation tools and an advanced search engine employing machine learning and data analysis algorithms. The algorithms will help the search and discovery of audio content as well as contribute to a better user experience. AUXA successfully raised follow-on funding, securing a SMART grant from Scottish Enterprise, and further funding from the Algorand Foundation. 


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