ArtThou Enterprises - Hugo Barclay

ArtThou is an art platform where collectors, new art buyers and corporates can access some of the most sought-after contemporary artists. ArtThou’s aim is to develop new ways to build sustainable income streams for the artist community and put the new wave of Scottish visual artists on the map. Curator Hugo Barclay took part in our Creative Bridge programme in cohort 5, before going on to develop ArtThou further as part of the fourth round of our Resident Entrepreneur programme.

ArtThou Enterprises - Hugo Barclay

Here’s what ArtThou founder Hugo Barclay had to say about his Creative Bridge experience: “As Edinburgh continues to anchor its position within key tech ecosystem in Europe, Creative Bridge is providing an essential support network for the start-up community and a pragmatic framework for leaders to build their businesses”. Hugo Barclay featured on Episode Two of the Creative Bridge Podcast where he outlined his ambitions for ArtThou. He also touched on the role of tech in art, the proliferation of nocode tools and their potential for artists, and helping start-ups understand where art fits within their organisation.

Through his subsequent Resident Entrepreneur project in 2021, Hugo wanted to develop the company’s network of creatives and build the first version of their client facing web app. The ArtThou app enables businesses to search for and lease artworks to display in their work spaces from up-and-coming artists who match with their business values. This model will allow ArtThou to provide artists with a welcome, regular income based on artworks leased.



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