Amicable Animal - Tom Methven

Amicable Animal is the moniker of Edinburgh-based university lecturer and indie developer Tom Methven. Originally formed as a creative outlet for his obsessions with time, neon, and synthwave, it quickly mutated into a way of collaborating with other talented creators to make strange and interesting games that respect players’ intelligence. Tom took part in our Resident Entrepreneur programme as part of the first cohort.

Amicable Animal - Tom Methven

In January 2021, Amicable Animal released its first commercial game on Steam and Switch: SOLAS 128, a game of interconnected puzzles where players redirect and reconfigure rhythmic pulses of light to breathe life back into an ancient machine. Almost entirely wordless, and with a focus on accessibility, SOLAS 128 has received both critical and player acclaim for its fully interconnected world, expertly paced introduction of mechanics, and puzzle design. Throughout 2021, the game picked up numerous accolades, including a Bafta Scotland Award for Best Game.

For his Resident Entrepreneur project, Tom focussed on a new project prototype, initially a game called Fabricate Reality but subsequently pivoted towards a new project: CRT7 – an experimental music-puzzle game where players unlock a series of devices to solve an escape-room style puzzle.


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