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Miriam Walsh

Drawing from over a decade of professional experience within the arts and interdisciplinary practice, her research interests lie in the interface between art, society, the environment, health, and science. She joined ASCUS Art & Science in 2014, before which she curated a series of independent curatorial projects in Scotland and Ireland. As an interdisciplinary creative facilitator and producer with a background in site specific visual arts projects, Miriam has a special interest in non-traditional delivery of the arts within both gallery and non-gallery settings.

She has a background in creative learning programme development and practices, including a multitude of art-science crossover projects within her role at ASCUS Art & Science, spanning diverse creative and scientific themes and topics. Collaboration is central to her methodologies as a creative facilitator and producer, encouraging and supporting inclusive out of the box thinking and discourse throughout the all stages of design, development and delivery.

Miriam will be taking part in our Ecosystem Panel on Tuesday 8th June at 12.00pm.

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