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Iain McKinna


Iain McKinna is the owner of Offbeat Studios & Productions in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

Iain is an audio producer who started out in the music business in 1976 working at various recording studios over the years as a session musician and sound engineer in Edinburgh, Hastings and London before going into music and audio production when he formed Offbeat with his wife Kirsty McKinna in 1992.

Recordings he has been involved in have won major awards including a Classical Brit award for best album in 2009 for Spirit Of The Glen , The Stanley Kubrick Award for The Story Of Film, an Odyssey in 2014 and most recently A 2nd prize for best documentary at Cannes Film Festival Award for The Eyes Of Orson Welles in 2017.

Offbeat Studios & Productions

TWITTER: @offbeatscotland