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Check out our Round 2 Challenge Projects!

Our 2020 is off to a flying start with five fantastic Creative Informatics Challenge Projects set by some of Edinburgh’s leading cultural organisations.

Photo credit: Historic Environment Scotland

We are very happy to announce that our second round Challenge Holders are the Edinburgh International Festival, Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh Science, Historic Environment Scotland (HES) and the John Byrne Award!

These exciting organisations have set challenges that require a unique, data driven approach. Do you have the skills to answer them?

Funding of up to £20,000 is available to individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises working in and around Edinburgh to respond to the challenges posed.

Respondents will retain part or all of the intellectual property for their work, enabling them to commercialise any products or services. Applications open today and will close on the 24th of February.

Neneh Cherry credit Gaelle Beri

The Edinburgh International Festival’s challenge is to create virtual working spaces for venues in the city of Edinburgh that will enable the Festival to continue to work at the forefront of technology and provide the planning resources that world class productions expect.

Jupiter Artland are looking to develop an interactive tool that will enhance their visitor’s experience, understanding and engagement with their unique art collection.



The John Byrne Award would like to find a way for users to take bespoke, dynamic ‘journeys’ through their award entrants gallery, maximising opportunities for their audience to explore their own values and learn more about the values of others.

Photo credit: Chris Scott

HES would like to develop a new product that enables visitors to engage with historic sites through the ages, using a range of content including historical, reconstructed or inaccessible views.

Edinburgh Science’s challenge is to create a fun, interactive experience that encourages audiences to make a donation when attending events.

Visit our Challenge Projects page to view full details of all our Round 2 Challenges!

Creative Informatics Director Chris Speed said:

“We had a great response to our second call for Creative Informatics Challenge Holders and the five challenges selected promise to be exciting projects for all involved.”

“It’s fantastic to see organisations from across the creative industries coming forward with interesting questions that seek to unlock the potential of the varied data sets they hold. I am sure that potential challenge respondents will propose novel solutions to solving these problems, developing innovative new experiences, products and services along the way.”

If you have questions about any of our Round 2 Challenge Projects contact the Creative Informatics team at creativeinformatics@ed.ac.uk.



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