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Creatives in Crisis

Holly Patrick
CI small grants holder Dr Holly Patrick reports on her project

This project seeks to understand how creative freelancers were using online occupational communities to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Victoria Evans
CI small grants holder Victoria Evans reports on her practice-based research project (work in progress)

Tidesong.app is an online evolving interactive artwork that allows users to make music with the tidal data from their local coastline, generating time and location specific audience experiences via a website and mobile app. This practice-based research project aims to connect audiences to the natural rhythms present in tidal landscape and asks to what extent an online installation can offer an embodied and situated art experience, especially in a time of social distancing.


Five Things I’ve Learned About Gesture

Josh Hosking
An exploration of Gesture grammars for Human Computer Interactions

In this project I set out to develop a grammar for writing and detecting gestures, on low powered devices. The aim was to allow users to create their own gestures and gesture devices, to be used in a wide range of applications. The main focus of areas were in the creative fields and accessibility solutions.


Flow Ctrl at the Talbot Rice Gallery

CI supports gallery's response to Covid-19

In the summer of 2020, Creative Informatics hired 5 fabulous interns, who were all masters students in Design Informatics at University of Edinburgh, to support our ongoing research. Over the next few weeks we’ll be showcasing the results of these projects, starting with Flow Ctrl, an app for managing the flow of visitors through the […]


Mapping Freelancers in the Creative Industries in the Edinburgh Region

Inge Panneels
A Creative Informatics project

Creative Informatics (CI) serves all of the nine sectors which comprise of the Creative Industries as understood by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) (see Fig. 1) who are responsible for the Creative Industries at UK Government level. The Creative Informatics project, as part of the AHRC Creative Clusters programme, which has come from […]


Creative Informatics Data Management Plan

Susan Lechelt
managing the data generated from the CI project

Whether as a creative material or as a method of accountancy, the data we generate and work with is vitally important to us as a project to explore incisive research, to further our collaborations across the creative industries, and to assess our impact and reach as an AHRC funded project. With this in mind, and […]