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‘Pelican Stairs’ on the Road

Creativity and Cognition 2022

Creativity and Cognition is the Association for Computing Machinery’s conference blending art and science. Now in its 14th year, this edition of C&C was held in Venice 20-23 June. Our researcher Caitlin McDonald shared excerpts from her AI-assisted pandemic memoir Pelican Stairs at the Creativity and Cognition art exhibition held alongside the conference 22-25 June. Read more about Caitlin’s artwork, and watch a brief talk, in our prior blog post.

Artist & researcher Caitlin McDonald standing in front of her posters at Creativity and Cognition

Titled “Cities of the Future: Living Together,” the conference exhibition featured projects exploring “ways in which citizens can participate in new cross-disciplinary forms of creative engagement with the major challenges that cities face.” From VR immersive worlds to used coffee cups, artists presented works in a range of formats addressing diverse aspects of future city challenges. Some directly addressed the physical climate challenges cities are already starting to experience, using lasers or vibration patterns in sound and water to demonstrate increasingly urgent climate impacts. Others focused on ephemeral notions of what cities are and how people connect in urban environments, creating imagined cities out of data derived from the artist’s emails, or generating new fake images of an imagined Venice trained on photos taken by locals and tourists.

Full crowd at art gallery

Full descriptions of the artworks presented in Cities of the Future are available in the Creativity and Cognition conference proceedings.

The Creativity and Cognition conference included practical demonstrations of new research methods, creativity support tools, and design processes, along with theoretical discussions about human-computer interaction, principles of data visualisation, the role of AI in education, and more. Delve into the full range of research presented at Creativity and Cognition in the published conference proceedings.