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The List

The List is the UK’s leading b2b live events data business and uses AI and semantic processes to source, merge and deduplicate the UK’s most comprehensive set of events data.

Live events data (theatre, gigs, days out) is complex and highly fragmented. It changes all the time. It has to be collected from a huge range of providers, using entirely different systems, none of which talk to each other. The List makes these events available through its own website, list.co.uk and increasingly sells this data to third parties. Third parties use this information for a variety of purposes.

Their image cropping is carried out through a combination of existing automation tools and manual checking and correction which is time-consuming and expensive.

The List set a Creative Informatics Challenge Project to develop an automated technological solution to resize collections of images in a range of formats and across a range of media. Previously,


Boutique machine learning consultancy Viapontica were selected to respond to The List’s Challenge Project and delivered an AI software for fully automated, aesthetic and text-aware image cropping.

The List have undertaken significant testing of this product and see significant value in adopting it as part of their day-to-day business. The two partners are now considering how best to take the idea forward, both within existing systems at The List, and as a product for the wider market.

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