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The Big Light

The Big Light (TBL) is a new Scottish podcast network founded by broadcaster Janice Forsyth and producer Fiona White.

Featuring a rich mix of shows across a wide variety of genres, from comedy to crime, culture to scripted fiction, documentaries, music and more, all of the content featured by TBL is made in, or inspired by Scotland.

TBL is a free, on demand service, and has grown quickly since its launch in March 2020, with listeners in 98 countries worldwide.

Their Creative Informatics Challenge Project is focussed on utilising the data they produce to create added value for their business and their listeners. Their aim is to evaluate and improve their existing data processes, contextually linking and visualising the data in their growing archives to develop personalised user experiences that deepen user engagement with their content.


In 2020, Machine Learning specialists Wallscope were selected to answer The Big Light’s Challenge Project. The project is currently underway with an outcome expected in 2021.

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