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Stageport was founded in 2018 with the aim of building a network of digitally twinned UK arts venues that visiting producers could access online to improve production design and planning.

Since then, Stageport has broadened the scope of their work to investigate how building information modelling (BIM) can improve the operation of arts facilities.

Over the last three years, the company has collaborated with leading arts organisations and connected with specialists in immersive media, digital design, architectural design and web development.

Clients include Creative Scotland, Edinburgh International Festival, Scottish Futures Trust and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


Stageport joined the Creative Bridge program in 2019 to explore a new digital product they had been developing and successfully applied to become Resident Entrepreneur’s, working with The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to digitise a new Opera production being staged there in May 2020.

In July 2020, Stageport was awarded funding by Innovate UK to lead a wide-ranging Covid response project in collaboration with Glasgow Life and Tramway.

In March 2020, their resident entrepreneur project with RCS was disrupted by the COVID-19 lockdown, but as of November 2020, they have resumed activities as part of a Creative Informatics Challenge project with the Edinburgh International Festival.

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