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Experience Design Studio

SENSEcity is an Experience Design Studio based in Glasgow. They specialise in the development of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for the cultural heritage and tourism sectors that enable users to explore our shared cities, venues, and rural heritage sites through immersive experiences which bring those environments to life. SENSEcity deliver their work through two primary channels, SENSEcity Walks and Studio SENSEcity.

SENSEcity Walks is an AR enabled, self-guided walking tour app, which offers users a curated city walk through which visitors can experience stories of the past through the technology of the future. Over 20,000 visitors have enjoyed the experience to date.

Studio SENSEcity delivers bespoke immersive projects while merging innovative 21st century technologies with custom hardware designs using sustainable methods.

In 2020 SENSEcity were selected to respond to Historic Environment Scotland’s (HES) Creative Informatics Challenge Project. They are working with HES to develop a viewing scope with integrated AR software, that will allow visitors to look out from a viewing point and engage with a range of content from different points in a locations history. Their aim is to invite users into another dimension, allowing them to step back in time and view historical locations as they were in their prime.

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