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Screen Language

Screen Language Ltd was founded by translator, subtitler and accessibility expert Elena Zini. It offers accessibility and linguistic services for the film industry such as multilingual subtitling, subtitling for D/deaf and hard of hearing, audio description, live captioning, translation, transcription and BSL interpreting.

Screen Language aims to keep quality and user experience at the heart of its mission, collaborating with external bodies and universities to investigate the new frontiers of accessibility in an effort to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in the film sector.

Work done so far includes translation, subtitling and audio description of award-winning international fiction and documentaries, film festivals, exhibitions and events as well as investigations on the technical challenges posed by disabled access to film.

Through their Resident Entrepreneur project, they have been researching multiple ways of improving access to cinema for visually and hearing impaired audiences.

The Resident Entrepreneur funding allowed Screen Language to focus on research aiming to address challenges in the field of disabled access to cinema.


The (In)Visible subtitles project has been looking at possible ways to screen subtitles in cinema halls in an “optional” way  – so that they would be invisible to those who don’t want to see them. This project entailed a 9 months collaboration with light physics Fraunhofer Institute in Glasgow and science and research company Lumakia. The pilot results of this investigation were presented to an audience of over 330 cinema exhibitors for the Tech UK Cinema Association Conference in London in 2019.

The Sound Cinema project aims to provide an online Audio Description-only cinema for blind and visually impaired audiences. By creating a space that is fully dedicated to audio description, Screen Language hopes not only to provide an under-served community with access to a range of vetted, high-quality audio descriptions but also filmmakers with a dedicated outlet for the audio described version of their films, setting high standards of online accessibility as well as providing a useful source of data with regards to online navigation and film preferences of blind and visually impaired audiences.

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