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Refract Music

Refract Music is on a mission to make collaborative music-making accessible for all. From initial explorations of trumpet architecture to investigating alternative musical notation and ways to interact with them. This has led to the creation of a series of weird and wonderful musical interfaces, from trampolines to dance mats.

Refract Music began networking these interfaces and realised their potential to enhance collaborative music-making. This networked musical instrument system, which they call HiveTone, allows users to control a shared audiovisual environment. The company wants HiveTone to make jamming an experience that people of all musical abilities can enjoy.

Refract Music became a Resident Entrepreneur after completing the Creative Bridge programme. The core focus of their project is to develop a workshop series based around HiveTone. During the workshops, participants will be prompted to make associations between musical and storytelling elements. They will then craft a story together and build an accompanying soundtrack using the range of unique HiveTone instruments. This development requires extensive sound design, further hardware, and software improvements, along with testing of the workshop exercises.

Refract Music has also been developing its concept for a collaborative music-making app. This app would complement the workshops and allow users to quickly share and jam out song ideas.


Refract Music will be piloting socially distanced versions of their workshops at the start of 2021. The company is keen to discover how the public interacts with and benefits from their technology through workshops and interactive installations. This will inform the development of their creative collaboration app.

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