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PicoJar is a note-taking system that has been designed to be compatible with human cognition. It provides a unique workflow to help people capture, organise and retain information they encounter day-to-day, allowing individuals to regain control of their knowledge.

As a Resident Entrepreneur, PicoJar creator Siwei Kang is developing her screenshot-first note-taking app, using artificial intelligence to extract text and data from images, that will users to stash anything that inspires them in an ‘idea inbox’ that can be edited and cleared out on a daily basis.


Siwei has recently secured £146,000 pre-seed funding from Techstart Ventures for further development of PicoJar.

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COMPANY: picojar.com
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PicoJar founder Siwei Kang talks about her Creative Informatics experience at the CI Innovation Showcase.