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Pianodrome CIC create interactive artworks and venues made from pianos which would otherwise go to waste. Driven by a belief that ‘no piano is junk, no person is unmusical’, the Pianodrome brings astonishing cultural experiences to audiences and artists alike.

In 2018 they built the Pianodrome Amphitheatre, the world’s first amphitheatre made entirely from upcycled pianos. This impressive structure, and the community and ideas that fuelled it, laid the foundations for a new cultural hub for music, theatre and interactive sculpture.

Pianodrome set a Creative Informatics Challenge Project to connect two pianos in separate geographical locations together in real time, using a digital/physical interface which allows players at each piano to engage in a musical dialogue with one another.

They require a solution that will allow music played on piano A to be recreated on piano B in real time, playing the same sequence of notes with the same expressive qualities, enabling players sitting at pianos in different locations to experience a unique form of musical communication with somebody they may have never met before.

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