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Nomad RDC Ltd

Nomad RDC Ltd (Research Design Consultation) is a creative studio that works with people to create lasting, meaningful, and beautiful places. They specialise in the research and design of people-centred public spaces, and have extensive knowledge and experience in making learning and healing environments.

Their work spans the academic and commercial worlds, translating and transforming fieldwork, theory and information gathered from real people into practical solutions. Since Nomad’s inception, just over 15 years ago, they have worked with clients across the UK, Ireland, and Central Europe.

They believe that they can create better spaces by accessing the expertise, experience, tacit knowledge, and creativity of the end-users of each place, then using their skills to make this into real-world products.

People-centred processes are a fundamental approach to delivering services, particularly in the public sector. However, this approach is still in its infancy, particularly in spatial design, and few practices employ this method.

The design of learning environments has also been evolving over the last decade. Increased technological changes and insights into student learning and well-being requirements have created a new field with a diverse target market. Uncovering the client’s tacit knowledge and project vision is often the most helpful design tool.

The Pandemic has accelerated much of the evolving thinking around education and work spaces and forced institutions to rethink their spaces once more. Many public bodies and Universities are now questioning the types of spaces required to help support a blended delivery method and the new ways people are studying/working.

Through their Resident Entrepreneur project, Nomad RDC are developing a Web App based on data drawn from over 15 years of practice and 30+ projects. The Learning People/Places App is designed to assist educators and other interested parties in understanding the people who use learning spaces and how to create better places for those people.

The app will bring the process directly to the client end-user, empowering them to establish a strong vision for their projects based upon the needs of their users.

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