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Ken Design Studio

Ken Design studio is a Scottish design consultancy on a mission to craft products, spaces and experiences which delight, inspire and illuminate the world.

Ken Design is a multi-disciplined studio, having consulted on projects across industrial furniture design, commercial and residential interiors, edutainment experiences, and consumer products. Working collaboratively with local and global partners from their Edinburgh Studio, they share their unique vision with like minded clients.

Kieron Calder, director of Ken Design Studio had to say about his Creative Bridge experience:

“My experience of Creative Bridge was pleasantly surprising and inspiring. I went into the workshop with no clear aspirations or expectations, other than an eagerness to expand my personal development and a curiosity and interest in the world of startups.

What I got was a truly invigorating experience hearing from a line-up of passionate experts keen to share their knowledge and expertise, and the surroundings of other like-minded creatives from a broad variety of backgrounds and disciplines bouncing ideas of one another, and collaborating through a series of exercises which taught us the basic principles of implementing an ideal, and taking it through rapid stages of refinement and development. I left with an expanded mind, and wider view of what is possible beyond my current design studio and consultancy service based work. 

Since completion, I have been opened up to new entrepreneurial ideas and potential career paths which I hope to refine and develop in the near future. The training had a profound effect on my thinking, and has not left my brain since completing the course. The principles learned continue to feed into and influence my decision making on a daily basis.”

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