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Jason Morenikeji

Gifted is a brand developed by Jason Morenikeji. It integrates 3d-design, data-driven storytelling and rapid fabrication. It allows consumers to use their own data to personalise products, adding a sense of transactional ownership and an output for self-expression.

The project explores a ‘live’ design thinking process using a generative design platform producing unique 3d objects. The rise of new online shopping experiences, software and digital prototyping technology has opened the way for mass customised products.

Gifted seeks for consumers to have a more central role in their design process. By shifting the consumer role to that of a creator, Gifted can offer an opportunity for user customisation and data-driven bespoke homeware.

To make products more personally relevant and desirable, Jason proposes a novel design process where personal data is physicalist and represented in a meaningful manner as a tangible 3d-form object.

Here’s what Jason has to say about his experience as a Resident Entrepreneur:

“‘Yes, but is it desirable to the consumer?’ ‘Will it make their lives easier?’ My Resident Entrepreneur mentor is a consumer brand expert and these phases [rightly so] are the sentiment of most of our conversations. To answer my mentor’s question, my project is being run as a ‘live’ design thinking process to find out what works best for the consumer.

“My challenge question is, ‘how might I embed user data in the geometry of objects to make them more meaningful and attractive? My Resident Entrepreneur experience has allowed me to plan a brand launch for March 2021. I’m excited about a recent pivot within the New Age and mindfulness markets. By embracing some of the esoteric narratives related to numerology and sacred geometry, I’ve begun to prototype. It has been an interesting journey reading into some of the principles to imbue ‘meaningfulness’. Will the solution be desirable and make lives easier? You’ll know by March how the idea has evolved.”


Jason is currently engaging in Gifted’s next phase of research. A person’s name and date of birth within the astronomical calendar reveal a whole raft of associated geometry that can be used to physically ‘imprint’ an object.

The field of sacred geometry has provided an excellent product-market fit. The esoteric field of numerology (the symbolic significance of certain numbers) offers an intriguing narrative to curate personalised products.

As a consumer product, the New Age market (birthdays), astrology, Eastern beliefs and homeware purchases offer great commercial gifting opportunities for Gifted.