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Insurgent Studios

Formed in 2005 and based in Edinburgh, Insurgent Studios Ltd (ISL) are a creative design, development and delivery studio who work with a variety of clients and brands. ISL focuses on realising creative concepts through the innovative use of technology on a wide range of projects and platforms.

The core team have over 20 years’ experience in the creative, interactive and technology sectors and are experts in creating bespoke solutions with a strong track-record of working with a variety of cutting-edge technologies to present content in new and compelling ways.

ISL collaborated with Edinburgh College of Art’s (ECA) Animation Department on a Creative Horizon Project to celebrate and reimagine its student film archive, helping to preserve unique but increasingly fragile material from the last 30 years.

ISL worked closely with ECA staff and PhD students to develop new processes to capture and digitise legacy student films, including an exemplar set of archive materials from ECA graduate Amy Shields’ “Loose Ends” (2013), including the animation footage and original puppets along with newly replicated digital 3D set models.

ISL’s approach allowed them to present a detailed 3D visualisation of delicate, physical assets from ECA’s wide range of student projects through the medium of Virtual and Augmented/Mixed Reality head mounted interactive display devices.

They incorporated these new digital assets into both VR and AR/MR applications that replicate the experience of being in an animation studio, integrating fragile physical archive material as accessible, movable, interactive digital objects. This enabled a deeper connection with previous animators’ processes and a novel teaching method for both on-campus and distance education, preserving unique historical assets and make them available for students and researchers in the future.

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