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Service Design and User Experience Research Consultancy

inChat is a service design and UX consultancy founded by Rory Gianni and Hector Michael Fried. They combine design ethnography, chatbot technology, and data insights to support UX, ethnographic and service design research.

inChat were successful in their application to be a Round 1 Resident Entrepreneur, and have also been appointed Challenge Respondents to challenges set by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society and Jupiter Artland. Hector has also participated in Cohort 4 of Creative Bridge.

Through their Resident Entrepreneur project, they developed the inChat platform, using AI technologies to support the delivery of chatbot design research tools. In particular, the platform aids the interpretation and analysis of chatbot deployments. Alongside technical development, inChat have used the residency to develop workshops and learning resources to allow others to easily adopt the methods used by inChat.


inChat is currently working on a set of configurable chatbots that others can easily use for research purposes, such as product validation, or customer journey mapping.

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