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Digitechtive is a non profit company based in Scotland, its main goal is to support young homeless people, disadvantaged young people and refugees, particularly those facing a technology training barrier towards employment.

Digitechtive offers training in a wide variety of useful skills and work experience. Their offer includes VR Health & Fitness, Interactive Education, Adventures & Exploration, Tourism and VR Arcade Gaming through pop-up VR events.

The company also provides Virtual Reality 360 video production for SMEs. Their social model “Zero to CV” as well as their services are delivered by trained groups of young people who are part of the Digitechtive venture.

Digitechtive looks to inspire Scotland to explore the digital world through VR and to have access to the latest digital technologies at an affordable price.

Rojan Kumar took part in the Creative Bridge. Here’s what he had to say about the programme:

“Creative Bridge gave me a lot of quality advice, information, and support that has helped me build my Start-up. I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone that’s serious about building a tech Start-up. While on the programme, I was lucky enough to meet many creative entrepreneurs, I also had the opportunity to listen to many inspirational key speakers.

As a new tech entrepreneur, this programme has helped me understand how software development, customer research, and the tech market work as well as what kind of developers and techniques are available. Creative Bridge played an essential role on the development of my idea and helped me to engage with the tech industry. It was an amazing journey.”

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