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Creative Cred

Creative Cred is a Creative Horizon project exploring the idea of an alternative currency for the creative industries that incentivises a move towards the Circular Economy. Many people in the creative industries already adopt a Circular Economy approach – they are mindful about designing out or not creating waste; they share materials, spaces, skills and knowledge with other makers; and they try to minimise the environmental impact of their practice. But these things can cost time and money, and are rarely rewarded.

What if these actions, which are great for the planet, could also be good for your practice and your business? What if they could stimulate exchanges and connections with others in the Creative Industries? This is where Creative Cred comes in – for every circular action taken, Creative Cred is earned. The credit can then be exchanged with others in the Creative Industries for excess materials, skills, spaces or products.

Committing to using only renewable energy or designing out waste could result in you earning whatever you most need for your business – website design, studio space or some beautifully designed knitwear to keep you cosy in the winter. It’s up to you, but the more circular you become, the better for the environment and the more you can earn for your practice.

This year long project includes research into the feasibility of the idea of Creative Cred, including interviews with those in the creative industries; creating the model for a prototype; and a pop-up exhibition to communicate the research findings. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Mary Michel at Ostrero.

The Creative Cred team is made up of Dr Juli Huang, Economic Anthropologist at Edinburgh University; Dr Tom Flint, Lecturer in Digital Media and Interaction Design at Napier University; and Mary Michel, Director of Ostrero.