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Boom Saloon

Boom Saloon is a print magazine with a bold mission: to democratise creativity for good, showcasing work from a broad range of environments and providing a platform to champion any work of talent, no matter where it comes from.

Having disproved the theory that “print is dead,” the magazine industry continues to grow from strength to strength, and publications are striving to create innovative new business models and revenue streams. But aspects of the industry have failed to keep up. Distributors remain geared up for large-scale corporate partnerships, with little on offer for smaller businesses.


Through their Resident Entrepreneurs project, Boom Saloon are exploring the concept of “social distribution”, and hope that this will enable them to create a database of information about their community and obtain real time insight into existing and potential markets, readerships and audiences.

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Boom Saloon Founder Rachel Arthur talks about her Resident Entrepreneur programme at the CI Innovation Showcase