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Bliind Desiign

Bliind Desiign provide technical support for emerging networked or “Live-to-Digital” performances, developing open-source software to aid in the delivery of a bespoke design service for live music and theatre. Bliind Desiign considers software and technology a key part of the creative process and is keen to explore new models of equitable and sustainable business practice, by connecting the digital economy with live performance.

Bliind Desiign was established by Louis McHugh. Louis completed an MSc in Digital Composition and Performance at the University of Edinburgh in 2016. This course educated him in methods for designing creative digital software systems for live performance. Underpinned by this and informed by a varied and in-depth experience in technical support roles within the live performance arts industry, Louis is actively developing performance software that can aid in the delivery of emerging live performances.

Through his Resident Entrepreneur project, Louis will focus on the innovation and design aspects of Bliind Desiign, creating a suite of software tools to aid in the delivery of his bespoke service, as well as researching the digital economy and ways it can possibly intersect with live performance to create new, more sustainable revenue streams.

By the end of Louis’ project, he hopes to have a set of open source software tools that can help others realise their creative ambitions.