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Bespoke Lighting & Video

As a multifaceted creative supplier, Besploke Lighting & Video (BLV) specialise in LED technology, bespoke hardware fabrication and the integration of data control systems for lighting & video equipment. BLV makes one-off bespoke installations, interactive lighting installations and provides lighting and video solutions to the live entertainment industry. The company has recently set up their biggest temporary install to date at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh for Christmas at the Botanics 2020, with over half a mile of individually controllable digital LED tape used in a timecode show programmed to a musical soundtrack.

Chris Harrison is one of our Round 1 Connected Innovators. Here’s what he has to say about his experience so far:

“My Connected Innovator experience has allowed me the time and resources to explore internal development concepts that have been bubbling away in the back of my mind for some time but due to my work schedule and limited resources these had not previously been viable research projects to undertake. The focus of my project is to develop a prototyping hardware platform that I can incorporate into my current workflows, in order to minimise overheads, minimise overall equipment footprint and hopefully give me more flexible technical options when planning installation concepts and how these installations integrate with other artists and creative suppliers alike. If the research is successful, I hope to use this prototype to develop a more robust solution that can eventually be taken to market.”


BLV’s research project commenced in February 2021; whilst this represents a delay on the original timeline (due to Covid-19), Chris has used the additional time and working experience in the run-up to starting his project to explore the connection between the proposed research and BLV’s working projects in more detail, mapping out the potential benefit to the current workflow challenges BLV faces.

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