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Say hello to our new Resident Entrepreneurs!

We’re thrilled to introduce our penultimate cohort of Resident Entrepreneurs! Find out more about their exciting plans to explore new areas of data-driven innovation across the creative industries, with funding and support from Creative Informatics. Applications for our final round of Resident Entrepreneurs are open now!


Dreadnoise provide audio tools for the entertainment industry.

Dreadnoise is a sound design, composition and audio innovation company working in the attraction and entertainment industry. Its main focus is designing audio tools that can improve the immersive elements of attractions with ease.

Dreadnoise’s Resident Entrepreneur project will focus on commercialising the prototype of its “Audio Armor” product – a wearable, low-profile, motion-controlled audio/visual system that allows performers in attractions to control the sound and lighting around them – as well as creating low-cost solutions for small batch manufacturing and assembly.

Cloud Quilting

Cloud Quilting is a start-up business founded by maker and arts professional Claire Sowton, which aims to offer the global quilting market new ways to embed meaning in quilt design. Scottish cultural and heritage data is central to the brand, exploring the visible and hidden meanings embedded in the process of quilting, and considering how these meanings shift and change over time and the implications for quilting futures.

Through her Resident Entrepreneur project, Claire will develop a web-based tool that allows people to use data to produce personalised quilt patterns. The Cloud Quilting website will launch in August 2022 to coincide with the 2022 Festival of Quilts.

Tef Dara

Dara is an audio-visual artist and developer based in Edinburgh. His work focuses on 3D sound and graphics. He creates nonlinear game-like compositions that explore themes such as chaos, silence, dissonance, altered states, Human Computer Interaction and other intersections of culture and technology.

Tef Dara sharing some of his work at CI Lab 7: The Sound of Data, credit Chris Scott

During his Resident Entrepreneur project, Dara will develop an alpha release of an abstract videogame called Obfuscated Konkat.

The game has developed out of a research project in the field of real-time audiovisual composition over the last 3 years and makes extensive use of data-driven technology to generate vast procedural landscapes and experimental architecture.



Stacey Grigolava

The collection and analysis of data is disrupting every industry and academic field. Problems faced with datasets that have user entered data, centred around locations such as names and addresses are largely the same for everyone: incomplete data and data in different formats.

Through her Resident Entrepreneur project, Stacey will develop a datasource with connected location based open data that can be used to easily normalise inconsistent datasets and enrich existing data with census demographics or climate information, making it easier to segment and analyse.

20 Photos

Jo Tennant, Founder of 20 Photos

20 Photos appraises hundreds of digital photos taken by a customer and picks out the images that best tell the story that customer would like to tell. The selected images are then professionally edited and printed to elevate them to art that can be exhibited on a customer’s wall.

Their Resident Entrepreneur project will explore whether machine learning can meaningfully help with the selection of images that provide a cohesive narrative. If this approach is viable, it will enable 20 Photos to accept a greater number of images and/or clients, allowing them to expand and develop their business.

Stage Analytics

Stage Analytics is an Edinburgh-based technology startup focused data-driven innovation in the arts. They are combining cutting edge data science techniques (NLP, sentiment analysis, AI/ML integration, network modelling) to analyse the data landscape of festival performances and provide data insights into the key drivers of success for performers, venues, and companies at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Through their Resident Entrepreneur project Stage Analytics will develop an interactive, data-rich platform that brings together live reviews from a range of sources, together with data-driven insights, analyses and commentary.

The Busking Project CIC

The Busking Project CIC is a not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting and celebrating street performers since 2012, creating technological products to help street performers get hired, earn money and survive in today’s digital climate.

A street performers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, credit David Monteith-Hodge.

Through its Resident Entrepreneur project, The Busking Project will create a series of QR code and NFC tag signs for use at the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which will send audiences to ‘tip pages’ where they can tip street performers, after which they’ll be asked to fill in a short online survey. The results of this survey will help The Busking Project better understand the impact street performers have on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, its audiences, and the City of Edinburgh itself.

Circular Design Scotland

Circular Design Scotland (CDS) was founded by Dr Lynn Wilson in 2017, dedicated to advancing business and consumer knowledge about how to implement the circular economy. CDS works with design led businesses to identify what they can do to transition to circular business models, through using alternative material sources, compatible with bio-regenerative systems or industrial closed loops.

Through their Resident Entrepreneur project, CDS aims to work collaboratively with a circular material researcher and an augmented reality specialist to build the content of a Circular Materials Repository. This will involve researching and profiling 500-800 samples of material samples that can be used within circular product and service systems that will be reviewed by a panel of creative industries professionals, to ensure the portal achieves the aim of servicing a creative industry audience.

Studio Caspar

Studio Caspar, led by artist Caspar J Wilson, specialises in community engagement, public art and data-driven design.

The Studio Caspar team working on Fruitmarket’s Creative Informatics Challenge Project.

Studio Caspar are currently responding to a Creative Informatics Challenge Project set by Fruitmarket, and have delivered projects with Sustrans, Paths For All, Living Streets, Transport Scotland and Local Authorities across Scotland.

Studio Caspar’s Resident Entrepreneur project will focus on redesigning people’s interaction with surveys and other monitoring tools, to develop a more effective mechanism for institutions to collect information and a more human experience for survey participants.

Nomad RDC Ltd

Nomad RDC is a creative studio that specialises in the research and design of people-centred public spaces, with extensive knowledge and experience in making learning and healing environments. People-centred processes are a fundamental approach to delivering services, particularly in the public sector. However, this approach is still in its infancy, particularly in spatial design, and few practices employ this method.

Through its Resident Entrepreneur project, Nomad RDC will develop a Learning People/Places App, designed to assist educators and other interested parties in understanding the people who use learning spaces and how to create better places for those people, empowering them to establish a strong vision for their projects based upon the needs of their users.

Produced Moon

Produced Moon’s work exists at the intersection of digital art and theatre and is all about play. Their work is often interactive and ranges from video games to board games, scavenger hunts to websites, audio performances to escape rooms, live performances to virtual reality.

credit Produced Moon/Mel Frances

Produced Moon is a collaboration between queer neurodivergent theatre and digital artist Leonie Rae Gasson and digital storyteller and creative mathematician Mel Frances.

Through their Resident Entrepreneur project, Produced Moon will design a new service for local councils, which will develop VR360 films exploring climate justice with teenagers from schools across Edinburgh.


Story Learning

Story Learning create interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ stories on a bespoke Story Learning platform to encourage the recognition and development of soft skills. Their focus at the moment is on stories for primary school pupils, working in collaboration with Skills Development Scotland, The Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Unit and Education Scotland on stories and activities for their platform.

The focus of their Resident Entrepreneur project is researching a story platform for young adult learners, with the ambition of creating an educational ‘Episodes’ style platform for educators and learners to build and publish online stories.

Sarah Calmus

Sarah Calmus is an interdisciplinary artist, programmer, creative director, arts advocate and creator of large-scale immersive installations and provocations, working across a multitude of mediums, from glass and light to social intervention, moving image and sound.

Sarah Calmus performing at CI Lab 21: Bringing Data to Life, credit Chris Scott

Building on Connected Innovators funding from Creative Informatics and Creative Edinburgh (2020), Sarah is now exploring new interactive sound and light works that feature performance and allow for direct interactivity.

Her Resident Entrepreneurs project will help stabilise this new development with focuses on scale, sustainable energy sources, upskilling with sound and light software and creating essential business infrastructure to ensure a healthier and more sustainable practice.

If you have questions about any of our new Resident Entrepreneur projects, contact us at creativeinformatics@ed.ac.uk. Applications for our final round of Resident Entrepreneurs are open now and close on 14th September 2022




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