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Resident Entrepreneurs Touchlab secure e-skin investments!

Congratulations to our Round 3 Resident Entrepreneurs Touchlab, who have been selected to receive the first investment from student-led Creator Fund, as well as funding from Techstart Ventures.

The Touchlab team in Edinburgh

Touchlab have gained not one but two new investors to support their work developing electronic skin (e-skin) that will give robots a human-like sense of touch. Techstart Ventures, who invested in Resident Entrepreneurs PicoJar last year, have provided funding to Touchlab alongside Creator Fund, the first student-led venture capitalist fund, set up to train students to spot leading student and academic founders coming out of universities across Europe.

Creator Fund CEO and Founder Jamie MacFarlane said: “We launched Creator Fund to back innovation coming out of UK universities with the potential to change the world, and founders with the ability to do so. There are few better examples than Touchlab.”

Touchlab design software, visualisers and systems to integrate sensing technology into any surface. They are currently taking part in the ANA Avatar XPrize competition to build a tele-operated avatar system that will transport a human’s sense, actions, and presence to a remote location in real time. They are using their Creative Informatics Resident Entrepreneur funding to work with VR/AR experts and develop the human user experience for controlling their avatar. This will enable users to receive sensory data collected by the robot (sight, touch, smell) and make decisions on the avatar’s behaviour accordingly. In October 2020 they won the £100,000 Higgs EDGE prize at the Scottish Edge Awards for their ground-breaking work!

Touchlab recently featured on the Creative Bridge podcast – you can listen to their episode now.

Applications for the next round of Resident Entrepreneurs will open in April 2021. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at creativeinformatics@ed.ac.uk.



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