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playaway games festival starts today!

We are delighted to be supporting PlayAway Games Festival, a two week festival from Edinburgh’s Tinderbox Collective showcasing creativity, diversity, innovation and imagination in games and interactive media! 

PlayAway Games Festival starts today!

At a time when so many people across the world are spending more time online due to Covid-19 restrictions, Tinderbox are turning to the games industry for inspiration, to explore how games are adapting and responding to the pandemic and consider what role they could play in the future.

PlayAway Games Festival will bring together more than 30 game designers, artists, composers, educators and others involved in the games industry for a series of panel discussions, workshops, demos, music performances, virtual play sessions and game jams. The festival starts TODAY and will run until Friday 5th March.

Throughout the festival, attendees will be encouraged to consider possibilities for new connections, collaborations and learning between the games world and other creative sectors including design, education, research, music, theatre and well being. Anyone with an interest in gaming and/or the creative industries is welcome to attend.

Creative Informatics is sponsoring the Creative Technology strand of PlayAway Events which includes Live coding music patterns with TidalCycles, led by Alex McLean who played out last year’s CI Innovation Showcase with a sensational Algorave, An introduction to art and machine learning with Derrick Schultz and Lia Coleman, and a sneak peak at the work being created through Zoom Obscura, a Creative Informatics led project supporting the development of artistic responses to the ethical challenges of video calling technology.

Keep an eye out for members of our Creative Informatics community throughout the PlayAway programme too, including Creative Bridge participant Elena Höge and Connected Innovator Brian Baglow.

Festival director Luci Holland (Tinderbox Collective, Scala Radio) said:

“Games are such an exciting artform with so much depth and possibilities – they use all sorts of creative formats and technologies, inviting people to collaborate, communicate and explore ideas, and always with a playful ethos. We hope this festival will showcase some of this variety and create new connections and conversations with people from different sectors, including those who might not know much about games – yet!”

Keynote Speaker and best-selling author Jane McGonigal said:

“We all need a boost of creativity and imagination right now, so I’m thrilled that the festival invited me to share my research. Games are a powerful, renewable source of positive emotions and social connection. And in the past few years, game scientists have found that there are specific ways we can play to get the most benefits and the biggest resilience boost. I can’t wait to share what we’ve learned!”

PlayAway Festival get underway today, check out the full programme now!



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