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Creative Horizon 3: Envisioning digital futures for equitable and sustainable festivals in 2030

Our third Creative Horizon project will consider how digital technologies, data-driven business models, and online platforms for performance can support equitable and sustainable festivals in Edinburgh and South-East Scotland.

We are currently seeking partners from festivals, individual practitioners and organisations working in or with the performing arts and creative industries in Edinburgh and South East Scotland to participate in this exciting research collaboration with academics from the University of Edinburgh and a speculative design partner.

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Get in touch now to share your ideas and strategies, hopes and challenges for the role of digital and data-driven innovations and business models in the future of your work and practice, and work with us to develop these ideas through speculative design and participatory futures research methods.

Led by Creative Informatics researchers Chris Elsden, Vikki Jones and Ingi Helgason, Creative Horizon 3 aims to envision possible futures for festivals in our region and create a new space for collaboration, discussion and reflection that sets the agenda for future research, policy and innovation.

Participation could take the form of interviews, survey responses or the opportunity to be part of design futuring workshops in collaboration with the research team and a speculative design agency. Participants can get involved at any stage of the project (see timeline below) and those taking part as individuals, freelancers or in addition to paid employment will be remunerated according to their level of involvement.

The project will explore four key themes:

  • Future uses and value of data from performances, audiences and festivals
  • Performance as platform labour and platform labour as performance
  • Producing and experiencing live performance online
  • New creative transactions and payment models for live events

We are currently recruiting partners for phase one of the project but would be happy to hear from any potential partners for future stages of the work. Contact us now to register your interest at creativeinformatics@ed.ac.uk.

Creative Horizon 3 Timeline

Phase one: November-December 2021 – Gather and discuss ideas from partners

Phase two: January–February 2022 – Continuing work with partners while beginning work with design agency to prepare for futures workshops

Phase three: March–April 2022 – Four themed workshops to envision equitable digital futures with existing and new partners, design agency and researchers

Phase four: May–June 2022 – Finalising project outputs, communicating with partners and incorporating commentary and feedback

Phase five: July–August 2022 – Presenting outputs to partners, researchers and policy makers with discussion for future links, research, policy and innovation

Get involved now!

Creative Horizon 3 is running an open call for participation. Please contact us at creativeinformatics@ed.ac.uk if you would like to take part or discuss involvement in the project at any stage.



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