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Watch our first three hybrid CI Labs now

Our 2020 CI Lab programme was understandably put on pause for much of last year. However, towards the end of the year we delved into the unknown world of hybrid events, broadcasting three CI Labs live from some fantastic spaces in Edinburgh, featuring a mix of in person and remote presentations, panels and performances.

If you didn’t make it along to our hybrid CI Labs, you can catch up on them now. We were very lucky to be joined by some fantastic artists, researchers, designers and developers from across the UK and beyond, to explore the weird and wonderful ways that creatives are working with data and data-driven technologies!

CI Lab 12: Creativity and curation in a post-digital world

Broadcast date: 17.09.20 Curated by: Pip Thornton

Data is increasingly being used as a creative material by artists and curators. But it’s important to remember that data is not neutral, it contains biases, sensitivities and structural influences that can enable stereotypes and unethical values to thrive. For our first hybrid CI Lab we were joined in the amazing surrounds of Leith Theatre by artists Dan Hett, Julie Freeman and Fabi Fabi, who use data in creative AND critical ways to produce innovative work that examines the cultural and political implications of a data-driven society. CI Lab 12 also featured Shannon Vallor from the Edinburgh Futures Institute, and a live performance from poet Nick E-Melville.

CI Lab 13: Urban placemaking with creative technologies

Broadcast date: 29.10.20 Curated by: Ingi Helgason and Michael Smyth

Advances in technology are enabling people to experience the public spaces that we inhabit in new and exciting ways. Through interactive interventions and immersive visualisations it is now possible to re-imagine our urban spaces, exploring stories of the present and histories of the past. CI Lab 13 considered how data is being used to create new space based experiences, widening access to public spaces and encouraging individuals and communities to think about how they could be used in the future. This event was broadcast live from Riddle’s Court in Edinburgh and featured award-winning interaction designer Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena, researcher and Director at Sheffield’s Live Works Carolyn Butterworth, SENSECity founder Pooja Katara, and Elizabeth McLean from The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. 

CI Lab 14: Games Go Guerilla

Broadcast date: 03.12.20 Curated by: Brian Baglow

CI Lab 14 explored Scotland’s thriving indie gaming scene, looking beyond the major studios to find out how creatives from a range of backgrounds are taking games in entirely different directions, using data in innovative new ways to create unique experiences. We were joined by independent games developers Jack King-Spooner and Katriona Gillon, CEO of Konglomerate Games Jamie Bankhead, composer Luci Holland and games journalist Louise Blain, in a programme curated by Connected Innovator and founder of the Scottish Games Network Brian Baglow.

What’s Next?

Our first CI Lab of 2021 is taking place on the 25th of February. CI Lab 15: Just the Ticket – Performance, Payment and Data will look at how the events industry is evolving to serve online audiences and consider the future of ticketing and live performances. We’ll be joined by theatre and festival producers including Edinburgh International Book Festival and Civic Digits Theatre Company, ticketing provider CrowdEngage, and Resident Entrepreneurs Scottie and Centrline, to consider what ‘tickets’ and payment for live events and performance might look like in the future. Register for your free ticket now!


If you have any questions or would like to know more about our CI Labs programme, please contact us at creativeinformatics@ed.ac.uk.



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