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Creative Horizon Projects

Creative Horizon Projects are aimed at interdisciplinary teams of academic and industry partners. Up to £25,000 of funding is available for projects that explore the potential of emerging technologies to create new technical and business opportunities for the creative industries in Edinburgh and South East Scotland.

These projects should be high risk/high gain in nature, bringing academics and industry together with the aim of breaking new ground and establishing how technology could benefit the creative industries in the future. The findings of Creative Horizon Projects will be shared with Edinburgh’s wider creative community.

Creative Horizon 3: Envisioning digital futures for equitable and sustainable festivals in 2030 

Creative Horizon 3 is exploring how digital technologies, data-driven business models, and online platforms for performance can support equitable and sustainable festivals in Edinburgh and South-East Scotland.

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Creative Horizon 4: Data and Creativity 

Creative Horizon 4 will fund individuals and organisations who wish to develop creative and artistic responses to the issue of data and creative practice. We will fund at minimum four projects with a budget of £5,000 to cover fees and production costs for the creative work.

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Creative Informatics CreativeHorizonProjects

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Creative Horizon 3 will run in five phases from November 2021 to August 2022.

Potential participants are welcome to contact us at any stage of the project. If you would like to get involved, get in touch at creativeinformatics@ed.ac.uk.

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  • 19.11.2021
    Potential participants to register interest
  • 05.01.2022
    Work with design agency begins
  • 01.03.2022
    Workshops with participants
  • 02.05.2022
    Project outputs finalised
  • 04.07.2022
    Presentation of project outputs


If you have any questions about Creative Horizon Projects, please get in touch with the Creative Informatics team.