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Creative Bridge Guidelines

Creative Bridge Guidelines

Creative Bridge Selection Criteria

Creative Bridge applications will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Is the candidate currently, or aspiring to work within one of the nine recognised DCMS creative industries sectors (Advertising and marketing; Architecture; Crafts; Design (product, graphic and fashion design); Film, TV, video, radio and photography; IT, software and computer services; Publishing; Museums, galleries and libraries; Music, performing and visual arts)?
  • Do they want to understand best practice in the digital startup world?
  • Are they interested in developing a commercial/income generating online product?
  • Do they align with one (or more) of the Creative Informatics Cluster core challenges:
  1. How can Data Driven Innovation support access and engagement to new audiences and markets?
  2. How can Data Driven Innovation support the development of new modalities of experience?
  3. How can Data Driven Innovation unlock hidden value in archives and data sets?
  4. How can Data Driven Innovation reveal new business models for the creative industries?


Creative Bridge participants must:

  1. Be from and/or be wanting to create a business with genuine impact for the Creative Industries. However, we welcome ideas that also have the potential to benefit other sectors and/or generate sustainable commercial income from being applied to other contexts.
  2. Be based in and/or be undertaking work that has impact for the creative industries within Edinburgh or the Edinburgh and South East Scotland Region.
  3. Commit to attending Creative Bridge sessions in Edinburgh
  4. Commit to providing accurate information about business income, spend on research and development (R&D), etc. as per the requirements of the application form. This includes providing accurate information regarding State Aid that is required to ensure Creative Informatics meet essential reporting and due diligence requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What happens with any IP generated on the course?

A1) You retain your IP. CodeBase/Creative Informatics won’t claim ownership of any IP generated on Creative Bridge.

Q2) Does it involve coding?

A2) No! While we will be talking about building businesses around online products, we won’t be delving into the technical side.

Q3) What do you work on in the course?

A3) Throughout the course you’ll work in a group on a fictional business around the concept of an Online Learning Platform. You’ll work through the steps of building this idea and learn the skills required to apply these skills to your own projects. The two key outcomes will be building a business model (via a Lean Canvas) to understand your business internally, and a pitch deck to show your business to the world.

Q4) I don’t have an idea for a product, can I apply?

A4) Absolutely – one of the key topics we’ll go through is how good ideas come about – it may be that you’re experiencing the pain points that lead to great products without even realising it.

Q5) Is there homework?

A5) No – we’ll be sharing bits of suggested content in order to help you learn more, but none of it is mandatory. We know how precious your time is!

Q6) Will I be fed?

A6) We will provide you with coffee, tea, cake and fruit to keep you going, but no such thing as a free lunch. We’ll make sure there are veggie, vegan, and gluten free options available too.

Q7) Can travel costs be covered?

A7) If you’d like to attend but think that travel to central Edinburgh would make the course prohibitively expensive, get in touch.


If you require any further information on the selection process for Creative Bridge, or have any questions about your application, please contact the Creative Informatics team.

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