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CI Studios

Develop new data-driven skills


CI Studios are regular, informal events open to anyone working in the creative industries interested in learning more about using data and data-driven technologies. They are free to attend and take place throughout the year at E11, our dedicated workshop space at Edinburgh Napier University, and at venues in and around Edinburgh.

CI Studios provide opportunities for creative practitioners of all disciplines to explore new approaches, and try working and experimenting with data and emerging technologies in a friendly, practical environment.

Topics and Venues

Our CI Studios to date have included an introduction to 3D scanning techniques at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, an overview of Speculative Design approaches at our E11 space at Edinburgh Napier University, and a workshop on sustainable design models at The Botanics.

We are always on the lookout for new organisations and venues to collaborate with on our events, so if you are interested in hosting or co-designing a CI Studio, please get in touch with the Creative Informatics team.


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