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New Media Scotland

New Media Scotland is the national development agency fostering artist and audience engagement with all forms of new media practice.

Credit: Chris Scott

We seek to innovate and challenge, aesthetically, technically and conceptually. We’re excited by projects that blur boundaries, respond to developments in science and technology, and forge new ways ahead for digital culture.

The Challenge

Launched at the University of Edinburgh’s Inspace laboratory in 2010, New Media Scotland’s Atmosphere expanded cinema programme was established to facilitate research into smart spaces and responsive environments for new modalities of experience within a film exhibition context. More than sixty bespoke events have been delivered through the programme, building a strong base for further development of an toolkit to help others engage with pop-up multi-sensory cinematic experiences.

New Media Scotland’s challenge is to develop an innovative data-driven guest journey for Atmosphere participants. The guest journey should begin from notification of the event taking place, it should immerse and engage them as part of the multi-sensory screening, and leave them with digital souvenirs of the Atmosphere experience.

Credit: Chris Scott

If this proof of concept project is successful, this work will ultimately form part of the Atmosphere OS toolkit, that will combine software, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and expertly curated data to enable venue managers, exhibitors and promoters to present bespoke forms of novel, immersive cinematic content to new and existing audiences.

New Media Scotland are looking to take forward this idea in partnership (under a shared IP model) with the successful responder and will bring significant unique experience, expertise, and assets drawn from previous Atmosphere events to co-create this new product. They are keen to expand the reach and commercial potential of the already-established Atmosphere brand by creating a quick and easy to use package that can create a high end theatrical experience in any location.

Applications to respond to this challenge have now closed.

If you have any questions about this challenge please contact the Creative Informatics team via email at creativeinformatics@ed.ac.uk.


If you are interested in responding to this challenge please contact the Creative Informatics team.

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