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Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland Foundation is a contemporary sculpture park set in 100 acres of woodland just outside Edinburgh.

Joana Vasconcelos: Gateway

Jupiter Artland welcomes visitors from across the globe to experience their world-class collection and enjoy the park’s beautiful landscape. As a five-star Visit Scotland attraction, they are committed to providing a first-class, innovative visitor experience.

At the heart of the Foundation is a ground-breaking learning programme, offering free educational visits for all. Learners are encouraged to discover the landscape, play in nature, take artistic risks, and develop a sense of agency as they make their own choices, knowing that every interpretation of the sculptures on display are valid and celebrated.

The Challenge

Jupiter Artland is a gallery without walls. An exhibition space without explanations. The park attracts visitors who appreciate wandering in its beautiful landscape as much as its world-class art.

The Jupiter team would like to enhance visitor’s experience with an interactive tool that can help them to understand the park’s art collection. Previous visitor guides have included a Jupiter Artland App and an audio guide. However, a lack of wifi in the outlying areas of the park made the App difficult to use, and a standard audio guide is not in keeping with Jupiter’s spirit of exploration and curiosity.

The challenge is to develop a tool that is responsive to queries and questions on an individual level, maintaining and encouraging the imaginative freedom which is integral to Jupiter.

Phyllida Barlow: Quarry credit Anna Kunst

Ideally the tool should be able to run on visitors own mobile devices, taking into account the park’s rural location, which means download speeds can be slow.

Jupiter strives to make its collection accessible, offering free learning activities to visitors throughout the park’s open season (May-Sept). Successful completion of this challenge would provide a vital resource for visitors, making information about the collection more readily available and supporting the Foundation’s aim of de-mystifying the world of contemporary art!

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