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John Byrne Award

The John Byrne Award is an online exhibition, competition, and community, promoting entrants creative work to encourage thought and discussion about personal and communal values.

John Byrne Award entry- ‘Why Won’t You Look Me In The Eye’ by Tzipporah Johnston

The Award exhibits entrants’ work to a growing online audience of over 200,000 people in Scotland every month and wants to use its growing influence to stimulate more inclusive, civic debate about values.

The Challenge

The John Byrne Award receives and presents over 3000 entries per year. With a growing audience and increasing number of entrants, there is an ongoing need to improve the user experience for visitors to the Award’s entry gallery.

Their challenge is to create a way for users to take bespoke, dynamic ‘journeys’ through their gallery, that maximise opportunities to explore their own values and learn more about the values of others.

Too often, anonymised comments and anti-social algorithms dictate online interaction. The Award’s ambition is to create a user experience that encourages respect, open-mindedness, and co-operation for the public good.

The John Byrne Award team are looking for forward-thinking and broad-minded challenge respondents to work with them in creating an exemplary, inclusive, responsive, user-generated, interactive online resource that encourages thought and debate about the issues that their users hold most dear. The team are not concerned with maximising clicks or influencing the behaviour of their audiences; their priority is to support meaningful human interaction between individuals.

John Byrne Award Ceremony 2018

Finding a solution to this challenge would enable The John Byrne Award to share the collective contribution of Award entrants in a dynamic and novel way, encouraging users to explore trending topics, consider opposing viewpoints and engage in respectful, civic debate online and in the real-world, around human and societal issues that matter to them.



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If you are interested in responding to this challenge please contact the Creative Informatics team.

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